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At Total Athleticare we use two types of acupuncture to treat pain,
traditional Chinese acupuncture and biomedical acupuncture.

Biomedical Acupuncture

The biomedical acupuncture model — aka western acupuncture or dry needling — is based on 21st century understanding of human anatomy and pathophysiology. It is also based on modern scientific research into the mechanism of acupuncture. When utilizing a biomedical acupuncture approach, needles are placed in a local area of pain or injury. The insertion of needles into soft tissue creates microscopic stimulation of the physiologic processes in the body and promotes a local healing response in the tissue.  The insertion of acupuncture needles also cause the release of endorphins, cortisone (the body’s own anti-inflammatory drug), and serotonin (a calming, mood elevator).  Dry needling also stimulates neural pathways which blocks pain by disrupting pain messages being sent to the central nervous system.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

In Chinese acupuncture, the body is treated as a whole that is composed of several systems of function called meridians. The yin meridians are solid: spleen, kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart, and the yang meridians are hollow: intestines, bladder, and stomach.  The body can suffer from discomfort, pain and illness when these systems are not in balance.  Chinese medicine defines health to be a balance of yin and yang and illness to be an unmoving or blocked system. This method of acupuncture is used to treat over 40 different conditions, to unblock the meridians. Some of these conditions include acute and chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, depression, smoking, weight loss, ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, digestive disorders, and skin conditions. The needles are placed along the meridians on the body. Acupuncture isn’t just about knowing where the meridian points are, it is knowing where the patient needs them to go, with what depth, in what direction and for what length of time.

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Our chiropractic physicians are certified acupuncturists and can thoroughly discuss which method of acupuncture is appropriate for your condition. We can offer a complimentary consultation to answer any questions you might have about acupuncture or any service we provide.

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