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At Total Athleticare we want our patients to be connected with information from organizations we work with as well as the latest information about health.  This page is continually updated with new resources and the latest information. You’ll want to be sure to visit again on a regular basis.


General Health Information

We like common sense strategies that are easy for even the busiest individual or family to implement. Check out these helpful resources.

Doctors’ Journal: Our Doctors and health and sports practitioners, regularly share timely news and practical health advice and tips on the Doctors’ Journal page of this website.  Check back often; you won’t want to miss a single article.

Total Atheticare on Facebook: A healthier, pain-free and symptom-free life begins with a “like”.  From there you’re receive the latest health and wellness information and tips directly in your Facebook news feed.  Your comments and participation are encouraged!  And, please us the “Share” link in the lower left margin of the page to share this valuable information with your Facebook friends.



Proper and balanced nutrition is a critical building block of performance and health.  We trust the following resources:

Juice Plus: A natural way of obtaining the recommended fruits and vegetables supplements without eating a grocery bag full. We sell Juice Plus Supplements at our Schaumburg Location.


Teams and Professional Athletes

Professional athletes are among our regularly patients and we’re the team chiropractors for these local teams:


Chicago Bandits
Professional Softball





Schaumburg Boomers
Professional Baseball





Barrington Girls Lacrosse
Girls Lacrosse





Chicago Soul
Professional Indoor Soccer





Chicago Mustangs
Professional Arena Soccer




Nicole Moneer  
Professional Fitness Competitor, Model, Personal Trainer